5 essentials to really request on your baby registry.

After having two children and going on my third child there are things I wish I had for this newborn and some things I have not even unpacked and thought "why did I even ask or get this"?!

When I had my son, he was my first born, and I remember I started to do my baby registry and I think I only had about 2 or three items on it. Being a new Mom, I was very uncertain of what a baby needed, so with the "guidance" of some friends my list became long. First of all I knew I was having a baby shower and that people would be wanting to purchase things from it and it made sense to have a list (I had over 150 people at the shower) but at the same time I did not want to be greedy. I was very grateful for everything I received but not all of it was used....

  1. A baby bath tub.

This is of course a big essential. It is more useful and helpful if you have an actual bath tub to put this baby tub in. Although, I am sure stand up showers will work well too. Just fill the tub with the right temperature of water and sponge down your baby. Most tubs come with a little bed/seat for you to rest your baby on to make bathing a little easier.

2. Hooded towel

These come in handy because you can wrap your baby up and keep their little heads warm right after a bath. I mean, of course you can use a regular towel....but this has a towel and hood all in one...life cannot get easier then that!!!

3. A good diaper bag.

It took me a few tries and waste of money before found a diaper bag I actually liked and found useful. Now that backpacks are back in style as a woman's purse, but they are also made as diaper bags too. I just find it easier to be able to see and access all the items I need.

I also find that it is easier on your back and shoulders. I wish after all these years I can use a small purse or even a cross body but I am always finding little things in my purse from my little ones that does not make having a small purse make sense.

These diaper backpacks also come with an extension strap so you can hang it on your stroller. Plus there is also a little hide away pocket for your essentials instead of carrying around two bags.

4. Baby carrier

This one is a must have to do things around the house and for just going out. It allows your hands to be free to do what you need to and it gives baby that close comfort that they only want at this stage. Of course you still have to be mindful in what you are doing and make sure that they are safe. But it does make household chores easier.

5. Body Pillow

This one is a major life saver..well at least a time saver. Of course you would never leave your child unattended but you can place your baby on the pillow and then they can drink thier milk. It also helps your arms to not get tired from holding them while feeding them. It gives you a little extra time and extra hands to do what you need to do while they are relaxing or drinking milk.

I ended up getting two pillows when both my little ones were little. Talk about multi tasking!!!

Now these are just some of my suggestions. I am sure others will want to add to this list. I know some things that I did not find very useful:

  1. Baby wipes warmer.

While people may say that wipes will get cold on the baby's skin, I did not like the fact that I had to leave the wipes warmer on all the time. Especially since the few wipes on the bottom would dry up fast and almost get brown as if they were going to burn. I would usually put some wipes in warm water and add a little coconut oil for moisture and protection.

2. Baby swing.

My children did not really care to go inside of this. They were not very soothed with the swinging action and either way it is not safe to leave them in there for too long once they fall asleep. I preferred the little bouncer chairs. They had a soft melody and soothing vibration that calmed my little ones down. Plus it was easier to move around the house to help me keep and eye on them when I had other things to do.

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